A series of projects created to cater to the SEA community.
An easy-to-edit publishing platform dedicated to the Southeast Asia League community. Our publishing team highlights player stories and shares their experiences. The product is constantly iterated on as we publish new stories. The current state of the website is MVP.

A localized brand created to highlighting the singaporean and malaysian community on a dedicated website and social media. League Kaki, roughly translated into “League posse”, is a project that focuses on local talent and highlights our regional players. We share their fan art, cosplay, and gameplay highlights.
When the 10-ban snake draft was introduced for pro play, we had a problem; it was only available on Tournament Realm, which isn’t available in Garena Regions. We had two days to address this issue. We took a very MVP focused design approach, while attempting to stay consistent with the current Pick and Ban layout.
Concept and creation of the patch notes highlight images created biweekly. They helped players navigate an already complex game and are to this day the most engaged with social media posts.
A baron design with regional flair to give an existing esports event a visual identity. Created a life-size baron pit with a low budget, raising the social media sharing potential for the event (“selfies with Baron”).
Worlds-themed access cards for the Singapore and Malaysia Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train system. The design combines the Worlds Key-visual with traditional local attributes (Wau for Malaysia and the Merlion for Singapore). These cards will be our first regional Merchandise. They will be available to buy in September.
“Min The Minion” is a children’s book about a minion learning the value of team work, created during Thunderome IX, 2017.
Printed materials (catalogues, brosures) created to support the event and the VIP guest experience. The materials gives a brief story about the players, Riot Games, and League of Legends. Created on a tight two day deadline.
Enrollment program for Students in Malaysia to help build our brand awareness and the growth of League of Legends in the region. The program involved designing a sub-brand for Riot Games which helps the students identify with the company. The project involved many facets, including logo design, web design, a branding book, online advertising, and swag for the ambassadors.

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