Chef Software, Inc. is an American corporation headquartered in Seattle, Washington, which produces software allowing information technology departments to automate the process of configuring, deploying and scaling servers and applications.

About the Project: After the success of ‘Building the Coded Enterprise’ and the Chef Community site, we decided to proceed with applying the new brand visual language to the primary Chef website,

Challenge: Chef’s primary website was over five years old, and had been gradually edited over time to add new content with no consistent style. As a result, the site was disorganized, inconsistent, and difficult to navigate.  It also felt sorely outdated compared to all the new content which was being produced, which was all in the new visual language.

Solution: My team and Chef’s web development team decided to work together to overhaul this experience and bring it in line with the new visual language. I led and project managed the design side of the project, while the web development team managed the engineering side of the project. I worked closely with their team lead to ensure our project executions aligned and that we would complete all our design work prior to the engineers needing it. I audited every page on the website and ensured that they were all going to be revamped and reorganized as part of this redesign.  We finished the design work on schedule and are currently rolling out the technical updates in phases, which is still ongoing.

Impact: Chef now has a design system they can apply to keep a consistent visual style throughout all of their media. The engineering work is still in progress, but so far we have gathered positive feedback from existing and potential clients about accessibility and brand consistency. Even though the rollout is still happening, we have already measured positive impact on the business. The Chef sales team business contacts increased by 10%, and ~20% more individual users submitted contact information to learn more about Chef. Clickthrough rate for other Chef web properties linked through the primary site have also grown by 36%, indicating more interaction and easier interaction with the site from our users.
Team: Jiajia Li & Shaun: UX / Design System / Web Dev work in progress
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